SignaFlex Aqua is our wet area flooring product perfect for locker roomspool areas, and anywhere  cleanliness, hygiene, waterproofing, and safety are important. SignaFlex Aqua is a textured rolled vinyl flooring product perfect for barefoot traffic areas such as poolside, steam rooms, whirlpool areas, and shower areas. SignaFlex Aqua LR is a smooth, yet slip-resistant waterproof floor ideal for soft-soled, high traffic areas like the locker room, corridors, common areas, and more.

The only difference between the two SignaFlex Aqua options is the surface texture. SignaFlex Aqua and Aqua LR’s practical and hygienic features make them popular choices for schools, healthcare, and daycare facilities in addition to fitness and recreational centers:

Both provide significant traction, built in technology for ease of cleaning, stain resistance, and contain a bacteriostat which inhibits the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.

SignaFlex Aqua contains at least 10% post consumer lead-free recycled content, which may help facilities achieve LEED certification.

SignaFlex Aqua and Aqua LR are each available in four matching colors and five additional contrasting colors that are maintained throughout the life of the floor.

Rolls come in 6’7” x 66’ with a 2mm thickness and are heat welded to create watertight seams. SignaFlex Aqua is heat welded to custom-cut gulley angle edging that creates a clean professional appearance and watertight seal.

SignaFlex Aqua is made of a high-quality vinyl and contains Aluminum oxide throughout the thickness and silicon carbide and colored quartz in the surface layer.  The backing is made of non-woven polyester/cellulose with glass fiber reinforcement. SignaFlex Aqua has a chemical resistance making it unaffected by surface water and many chemicals. It meets all the requirements for slip resistance, indentation resistance, fire safety, wear resistance, heat resistance and flexibility.