This video is about installing PERK! Restore, a concrete patch and repair product by L&M Construction Chemicals. Restore is a quick setting, low odor, two-component hybrid material designed for patching concrete. Restore's low viscosity and high strength properties allow it to penetrate deep into concrete and create a tenacious bond for a permanent repair. Material sets and can be ground within 30 to 45 minutes. Restore is commonly used to patch spalls, pop-outs, joints and cracks in concrete. Restore can be used for hairline cracks and nail holes, and to prepare concrete floors for coatings or polishing.

L & M Construction Chemicals is a locally-owned concrete products manufacturer, specializing in concrete hardeners, sealers, dyes, grouts, and a green, patented concrete polishing system.

  • Length: 3 mins
  • Credit: L & M Construction Chemicals